Philip Patmore

Chelmsford Chronicle

Chelmsford Chronicle Essex, England

17 May 1901

MR. PHILIP PATMORE’S WILL. CASE THE CHANCERY DIVISION. Saturday an interesting case came before Mr. Justice Cozens Hardy in the Chancery Division, in which the sum of about £15,000, left by Mr. Philip Patmore, of Cricksea, divided equally between charitable

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Otago Daily Times , Issue 12052, 25 May 1901, Page 12 :

Mr Philip Patmore, of Creeksea, near Burnbam, Essex, oyster merchant, who died on November 18. left personal estate of tho net value of £777,740. :

In 1900 Philip Patmore by his will devised to his trustees his residuary estate upon trust to divide the same equally between such charitable and philanthropic institutions as they should select. In the result of proceedings in the High Court it was by an Order, dated 4 May, 1903, directed that such residue should be distributed equally among the fifteen charitable institutions mentioned in the schedule thereto, including the Boys’ Farm Home. The sum of £1,080 18s. 11d. India three per cent. stock held by the official trustees has been apportioned to this institution.

In the 1920′s the Advertiser ran the following piece in its ‘A Look around – by “A Native” ‘ column.

Memories of Burnham in pre-railway days are revived by a paragraph which was quoted in the Essex Chronicle on Friday last from its files of fifty years ago. The paragraph is as follows: “On Saturday a small steam yacht built by Mr Wm. Stebbings for Mr Spencer Addison of Southend, was successfully launched at the quay at Burnham in the presence of a large number of spectators. The ceremony of naming the vessel, which will be known as the Sea Swallow, was performed by Miss Minnie Stebbings. The yacht is considered very smart and is the first steamer ever launched at Burnham.”

At that time there were only about two other yachts on the river, one being a yawl belonging to the late Mr Philip Patmore of Creaksea, and the other a steam yacht belonging to the late Mr Charles Auger, of Burnham. The Sea Swallow was kept in commission for many years and was finally sold to the Falkland Islands, where she was used by officials who superintended dredging for gold in the rivers of that remote British Colony.


87 Oleander


J. Haswell

P. (Philip) Patmore of London



44 Crixea


J. Haswell

‘P. Patmore‘ of London, later (1870) P. Patmore of Creeksea, Essex




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